Hello, welcome! My name is Rodrigo Rafael and it was with great enthusiasm that I received the information that the company Atomy, one of the largest in the world, was starting its global expansion.

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I did a thorough analysis about the company, looking for something negative about Atomy, but everything I saw just left me enchanted by this great opportunity. So, I decided to start this big business and today, I have a network of more than 60,000 people worldwide.

As a team, we aim to facilitate your work in our company, thus shortening your path towards the qualification levels of our Career Plan.

Check out some of the benefits you will receive when you join my team:


  • Registration:

When you register with Atomy you will receive an ID that is your identification in the company. In each ID you can only make 2 entries. All others must be registered with the people below you.

So the Atomy system itself encourages people who are above to help those who are below.

As we make registrations daily, in several countries of the world, you will have this benefit, because all our registrations are made below the other members, so that we can help our team to grow much faster.


Request more information and register!

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  • Web site:

When you register with us, you will receive a free website to advertise your Atomy business. In addition, your entire team will also receive this site.


  • Online meetings:

Our team conducts several business presentations through the zoom app and also through YouTube. These meetings take place at different times and in different languages, to better serve our team around the world.

So it is important that you have an online place where you can take your guests, as this can help your growth at the global level of the company.

We will have speakers to do this for you and your entire team.


  • Support:

When registering with the company it is normal to have doubts about the business. That is why it is essential that you have good support from your team.

We offer all the support and support for you to start your business with complete peace of mind. We obtain information about the company worldwide and with that, we can guarantee that you will never be left without answers to your questions.



We prepare all the way for you who are the leader bring your team to work with us. So don’t waste time and contact us to assist you with your Atomy Registration through our Global Team.

Request more information and register!

Email: [email protected]